Sustainable Finance

The financial services sector’s entire corporate value chain is undergoing a rapid transformation. The business landscape is becoming progressively more complex, demanding, and unpredictable, influenced by both internal and external factors. Banks consistently face pressure from the dynamic economic environment, necessitating adjustments to external pressures and disturbances, with sustainable finance being a significant focal point.

Amid evolving consumer expectations, changing economic risks and challenges, and the emergence of ESG and sustainability-driven rules and regulations shaped by political and societal factors, sustainable finance provides companies with a significant opportunity to realign their business models. Industries’ global commitments, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), UN Global Compact (UNGC), UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEPFI) Principles for Responsible Banking, Equator Principles, UNEPFI Principles for Sustainable Insurance, Equator Principles, Green Bond Principles, etc., also call for actions and accountability.

Redefining Finance: Capital Concept’s Sustainable Finance Expertise

Companies must integrate changes into their business models to adhere to increasingly stringent ESG requirements, meet stakeholders’ expectations, and adapt to ever-evolving market dynamics. Consequently, this will have implications for data systems, technology, procedures, work methodologies, organizational structure, and corporate culture.

Capital Concept addresses every potential challenge that may arise in enforcing laws related to sustainable finance. We are confident that you can depend on our comprehensive approach, which involves developing plans and seamlessly integrating them into daily operations.

Our Impact 

In 2022-2023, Capital Concept facilitated access to finance for a total of USD 1.1 Billion in the MENA region. We also contributed to the increase of enterprise value (EV) of a portfolio of 100 companies that embarked on their ESG journey. The EV has significantly increased from USD 27B to USD 33B, with an average premium of 20%.

Capital Concept can support you in assessing financial opportunities, securing access to finance, and undertaking actions aligned with the Equator Principles (EP) and International Finance Corporations (IFC) Performance Standards.