ESG Training & Capacity Building

Capital Concept offers customized ESG training and capacity-building programs that help companies improve their ESG knowledge and skills. We will walk you through the most recent developments in responsible investment and ESG, as well as legislative and regulatory efforts, corporate governance principles, reporting frameworks and standards, an overview of ESG best practices, and the relationship between ESG and performance. In addition to covering these core concepts, we will tailor our awareness and capacity-building services to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Capital Concept’s Training and Capacity Building Programs include but not limited to:

• ESG education for Board and Senior Management teams
• Facilitated ESG strategy seminars for Boards and Senior Management teams
• Facilitated ESG education and capacity-building seminars for employees and stakeholders
• Design and delivery of ESG-focused professional development courses for industry associations, professional associations, and universities
• ESG workshops and presentations at conferences and industry events

Our sustainability trainings and capacity-building programs propels the growth and integration of ESG, generating opportunities, elevating your strategy, building value, enhancing your overall ESG performance, and taking your approach to a new level.