ESG Due Diligence

Although uncertainty is inevitable, it doesn’t have to dictate how you play.

Tailored ESG Due Diligence

To effectively mitigate risks associated with each potential transaction, Capital Concept offers tailored ESG due diligence designed to address issues aligned with international ESG legal and regulatory requirements. Our rigorous analysis identifies instances where the target asset or firm, along with its management team, may exhibit deficiencies by meticulously evaluating potential risk areas in accordance with the client’s and industry’s ESG criteria. In pursuit of a comprehensive study, we meticulously examine all pertinent business risk areas, conduct thorough reviews of ESG reports, and analyze independent assessments.

Advanced ESG Portfolio Analysis

Moreover, Capital Concept provides clients with extensive company reviews and high-level ESG screening evaluations. Our approach involves leveraging profound insights into ESG concerns specific to various industries, workflows, and geographical areas. Throughout every investment process and portfolio, we meticulously evaluate the financial, social, environmental, and governance impacts from a business perspective. Employing an advanced ESG screening technique, we assess current investment portfolios, identifying assets with current or potential ESG risk issues.