Explore consulting jobs in our three functional areas:

  • New Consultants often work on projects from the start. Most of the work is research and analysis. You’ll have a lot of freedom in how you structure your tasks. And, because you’re creating the fundamental knowledge on which our company runs, you can command anyone’s full attention. APPLY NOW!
  • Senior Consultants have enough experience to ask the right questions, frame hypotheses, and initiate research to find the answers. Challenges in different fields will help you discover where you’d like to focus. As a Senior Consultant, you will be shaping the problems that we work on and developing specialized expertise that others will seek out. APPLY NOW!
  • Internships at Capital Concept provide a true taste of life as a consultant and unique preparation for a full-time role. You’ll be staffed on projects and treated like full team members with responsibility for a distinct piece of work. Coaching and feedback is provided throughout your time with us. We consider candidates in their penultimate year of university study. Most join during the summer or a winter term. APPLY NOW!